Organ Historical Society International Kaleidoscope of Color Festival

The Organ Historical Society international “Kaleidoscope of Colors” Festival invited Miriam Zach, organist, to record with the Iowa State University Brombaugh pipe organ to represent the Midwest and U.S. tracker pipe organ revival. The virtual tour will include music by 10 international women composers.

For more information go to the Organ Historical Society’s Kaleidoscope of Colors page .

Princeton University Virtual Alumni Sing Reception

On 21 May 2021 at 5:00pm EDT I will join the virtual Alumni Sing Reception at Princeton University. As part of this celebration there will be breakout rooms to chat with other alumni, and the  new virtual choir video will premiere. Finally outgoing Princeton University Chapel Choir Director Penna Rose will say a few words, and share a video compilation of excerpts from messages people around the world have sent to Penna.

On the Zoom screenshot above I’m in the second row, fifth singer from the left…